Winner of the Year's Assistive Aid Price

During the 2008 Health & Rehab fair at Bella Center, Dahl Docking station won the year’s assistive aid price. Dahl Docking Station is a clamping device used in cars for wheelchairs and seats. Click here to read more about Dahl Docking Stations.


Safety First

A broad panel included representatives from rheumatism association called Gigtforeningen, the Danish Handicap Federal and the Danish industrial designers. This panel nominated 5 products and Dahl Engineering’s Docking Station was the clear winner. Our Universal Docking System puts the panel’s focus on safety for wheelchair users.

Safety first went a long way with the judges, for it was a unanimous jury Dahl Engineering as the year’s winner. They emphasized that the docking station provides a greater security for wheelchair users because it can withstand very high loads of over 200 kg - plus user's weight. The wheelchair is also easy to switch out with an ordinary seat, so that it does not always have to be a wheelchair user who uses it.

aarets hjaelpemiddel - Assistive Aid Price Winner